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Our approach to each of our projects balances our clients' needs, budget and time requirements. We design each project so that it not only makes a visual contribution to the environment of the community, but also provides a sound investment for the client. We emphasize the importance of a trusting, workable relationship with our clients to achieve predetermined goals and meet individual functional requirements.  A service-oriented approach toward our clients and their projects has proven to be successful for our firm and is reflected in our extensive list of repeat clients.

“Jackson – Jackson & Associates is an extremely reliable firm who completely performs the role of an architect.  The firm’s drawings are detailed and complete, allowing a smooth process from start to completion…The firm provides excellent construction administration, is knowledgeable of items specified and maintains open communication.  No matter what the job entailed, we feel this firm is very thorough in all aspects.” 

R. Brad von Gillern, President – Lueder Construction Company

Omaha Public Schools Logo.png

Edison Elementary / Addition

Franklin Elementary / Remodel

Fullerton Elementary / Remodel

Jefferson Elementary / Addition/Remodel

Masters Elementary / Addition

Picotte Elementary / Addition

Ryan High School / Remodel

Wakonda Elementary / Addition/Remodel

Wilson Middle School / Addition/Remodel

Burke High School / Operable Partitions

Catlin Elementary / Security Upgrades

Pine Elementary / New School

Gifford Park Elementary / New School

Standing Bear Elementary / New School

Druid Hill Elementary/ New School

Fullerton Elementary / New School

Prairie Wind Elementary / New School

Picotte Elementary / New School

Adams Elementary / Addition/Remodel

Catlin Elementary / Addition

Druid Hill Elementary / Remodel

Crestridge Magnet / Security Upgrades

Edison Elementary / Security Upgrades

Florence Elementary / Security Upgrades

JP Lord Elementary / Security Upgrades

Kellom Elementary / Security Upgrades

Lothrop Magnet Center / Security Upgrades

Masters Elementary / Security Upgrades

Minne Lusa Elementary / Security Upgrades

Oak Valley Elementary / Security Upgrades

Pawnee Elementary / Security Upgrades

Cornerstone Logo.png

Main Headquarters / New Bank

Aurora Branch/ New Bank

Beaver Lake Branch / New Bank

Aurora Insurance Offices / New Building

Cash Bank Services / New Building

Columbus Branch / New Bank

Geneva Branch / New Bank

Stromsburg Branch / New Bank

York Branch South / New Bank

York Branch South / New Bank

Albion Branch / Remodel

Aurora Branch / Remodel

Columbus Branch / Addition

Henderson Branch / Addition/Remodel

St. Edward Branch / Addition/Remodel

Sutton Branch / Addition/Remodel

Tech Center / Addition

Insurance Office Building / Remodel

Main Headquarters / Master Planning

Main Headquarters / Additions (Multiple)

Main Headquarters / Remodels (Multiple)

Main Headquarters / Roof Replacement

Main Headquarters / Veneer Replacement

York East Branch / Addition/Site Upgrades


U.S. Conn Library / Addition/Remodel

Memorial Stadium / Press Box Replacement

Anderson Hall / Roof Replacement

Anderson Hall / Window Replacement

Benthack Hall / Roof Replacement

Berry Hall / Roof Replacement

Bowen Hall / Roof Replacement

Brandenburg Ed. Building / ADA Restrooms

Brandenburg Ed. Building / Roof Replacement

Carhart Science / Exterior Restoration

Carhart Science / Window Replacement

Connell Hall / Roof Replacement

Connell Hall / Window Replacement

Hahn Admin. Building / Exterior Restoration

Hahn Admin. Building / Roof Replacement

Hahn Admin. Building / Restroom Remodel

Humanities Building / ADA Restrooms

Humanities Building / Roof Replacement

Humanities Building / Exterior Restoration

Humanities Building / Window Replacement

Memorial Stadium / Press Box Upgrades

Morey Hall / Window Replacement

Morey Hall / Roof Replacement

Morey Hall / Exterior Restoration

Peterson Fine Arts / Roof Replacement

Peterson Fine Arts / Window Replacement

Recreation Center / Roof Replacement

Rice Gym / Roof Replacement

Terrace Hall / Exterior Restoration

U.S. Conn Library / Restroom Remodel

U.S. Conn Library / Roof Replacement

State of Nebraska Logo (Combined).jpg

Fort Robinson Museum / ADA Restrooms/Ramp Addition

John Neihardt Center/ ADA Upgrades

Norfolk Regional Center / ADA Restrooms

Norfolk Regional Center / Window Replacement

Nebraska State Penitentiary / Roof Replacement

Law Enforcement Training Center / Roof Replacement

Lincoln Regional Center / Roof Replacement

Work Ethic Camp / Hail Repair

Omaha Correctional Center / Hail Repair

Omaha Correctional Center / Roof Replacements

Omaha Correctional Center / Exterior Restoration

Omaha Correctional Center / ADA Restrooms

Community Correctional Center / Hail Repair

Community Correctional Center / Roof Replacement

Correctional Youth Facility / Hail Repair

Correctional Center for Women / Hail Repair

Correctional Center for Women / Roof Replacement

Law Enforcement Training Center / Clerestory Replacement

Law Enforcement Training Center / Skylight Infill/Roof

Law Enforcement Training Center / Balcony Enclosure

State Patrol Troop C / Exterior Restoration

Tecumseh State Correctional Institute / Roof Replacements

Tecumseh State Correctional Institute / N3 Addition

Youth Rehabilitation Center / Window Replacements

Youth Rehabilitation Center / Roof Replacement

Peru State Logo.png

Delzell Hall / Remodel

Jindra Fine Arts / Addition/Remodel

Field House / Remodel

Al Wheeler Activity Center / Bridge Replacement

Al Wheeler Activity Center / Pool Infill

Al Wheeler Activity Center / Roof Replacement

Al Wheeler Activity Center / Site Modifications

Auditorium / Roof Replacement

Auditorium / Exterior Restoration

Campus Services Building / Roof Replacement

CATS Building / Exterior Restoration

Delzell Hall / Window Replacement

Hoyt Science / Roof Replacement

Jindra Fine Arts / Exterior Restoration

Library / Exterior Restoration

Student Center / Roof Replacement

Elkhorn Public Schools Logo.png

North Ridge Middle / New School

Central Office/ Remodel

Elkhorn High / Locker Room Remodel

Elkhorn Middle / Media Center Remodel

Westridge Elementary / Remodel

Community Schools


Blair Community Schools Logo.jpg

High School Industrial Tech / Renovation

Kranz Field/ Main Entrance/Concessions

Kranz Field / Press Box

Mount Marty No Background.png

Cimpl Arena / Exterior Renovation

Cimpl Arena/ Locker Room Remodel

Cimpl Arena / Gym Upgrades

Cimpl Arena / Main Entry Remodel

University of Nebraska Medical

Central Utilities Plant / Roof Replacement

Central Utilities Plant / Wood Roof Replacement

Eppley Science Hall / Exterior Restoration

Eppley Science Hall / Roof Replacement

Executive Dining Room / Remodel

McGoogan Library / Roof Replacement

Wittson Hall / Roof Replacement

University of Nebraska Omaha.jpg

Arts & Sciences Building / Roof Replacement

Central Utilities Hall / Roof Replacement

Durham Science / Exterior Restoration

HPER Building / Brick Flashing Replacement

HPER Building / Roof Modifications

Roskens Hall / Roof Replacement

Weber Fine Arts / Exterior Restoration

University of Nebraska Lincoln.png

Devaney Center / Roof Replacement

Henzlik Hall / Flashing Modifications

Henzlik Hall / Roof Replacement

Miller Hall / Exterior Restoration

Morrill Hall / Roof Replacement

Scott Engineering Center / Roof Replacement

Westbrook Music Hall / Roof Replacement

Seal of Omaha.png

Fire Department Headquarters / 2 Additions

Fire Department Headquarters / Fire Sprinkler

Fire Department Headquarters / Generator Room

Fire Station 53 / Preliminary Design

Fire Station 61 / Remodel

Fire Station 52 / Remodel

Fire Station 34 / Remodel

Fire Station 30 / Remodel

Fire Station 24 / Remodel

Police Department Headquarters / Firing Range

St Patricks Logo.png

Church & School / Master Plan

Church / Parish Hall

Church / Office Remodel

Church / Cry Room Addition

School / Remodel

School / Phased Additions

School / Gym/Cafeteria Addition

TS Bank.png

Main Headquarters / New Bank

Underwood Branch / Design Work

Main Headquarters / Addition/Remodel

Atlantic Branch / Remodel

Crosby Branch / Remodel

St Francis Hospital Logo.png

Second Floor / Additions/Remodels

Surgical Suite / Remodel

Hospital / Additions/Remodels

Physical Therapy & Wellness Center / Remodel

Therapy Area / Addition

Parking Garage / Addition

Medical Office Building / Addition

*This list includes some of our most recent repeat clients, but does not include all repeat clients.

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