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Cornerstone Bank

Main Bank

New Bank/Additions & Renovations


Phased 1982-2009

York, Nebraska



79,900 sq .ft.

One of the most prominent buildings on the square in York, Nebraska, is the five-story Cornerstone Bank building, constructed on the west side of the square. This main headquarters bank consists of 47,300 sq. ft. with a 24,600 sq. ft. four-story addition for the trust department, investments, insurance and farm management department and one floor of vacant space for future growth. The main bank includes a spiral staircase connecting the three lower levels and a glass walled elevator climbing the buildings’ exterior wall. The lower level was designed for bank operations, the first floor for consumer banking; the second floor for loan offices; the third floor for trust department and electronic banking; the fourth floor for executive offices and operations; and the fifth floor for board room, dining room and training center.

Energy conservation was a major consideration using gold reflective glass, ventilating type light fixtures, and a new system of radiant ceiling panels for heating comfort and accurate control.

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