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Nucor Guard Station

New Station


September 2012

Norfolk, Nebraska


This new 420 Square foot single story Guard Station with a lower level is sited on an island in the middle of the new entry road, south of the Nucor Bar Mill Group Facility, and acts as the primary security control point for the plant. The single sloped roof design is efficient in its simplicity and takes advantage of the site orientation by opening up to the east allowing the building to take advantage of natural lighting and protects the west facing glazing with a lower overhang. Providing a 360° view on the main level was a required objective of the facility. Making the overall design and energy performance of the exterior glazing and window systems was a key energy saving element. The green tinted glass reflects Nucor's corporate color and adds to the energy efficiency of the glazing system.

In coordination with the Owner, the Guard Station has been designed and constructed using building and structural systems produced by Nucor companies, to the greatest extent possible; including, but not limited to the structural steel, steel roof deck, metal wall and roof panels and metal stud framing.

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