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Wayne State College

Indoor Athletic Complex



September 2020

Wayne, Nebraska



15,881 sq. ft.

Wayne State College’s Carlson Natatorium had not been used for several years. With the help generous Donors, Wayne State College decided to convert the existing natatorium into a new Indoor Athletic Complex. The complex is used for all sports that are offered by the College including Volleyball, Football, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Golf, and more. The former viewing balcony area provides space for coach and assistant coach offices, restrooms, and storage.
The complex employs two different types of netting and two different types of indoor synthetic turf. Extensive research went into the netting and turf systems to be used in order to ensure that the facility would function well for all of the intended uses. Initially, our team looked at the netting for the function of stopping baseballs, softballs, soccer balls, etc. However, when golf was brought into the equation, the netting was changed to golf netting that would protect the walls and windows of the facility. Once again, golf became the driving factor for the incorporation of two types of synthetic turf within the facility. For sports like football, baseball, and softball, a turf with a longer pile is more appropriate while golf requires the use of a shorter/denser pile. By coordinating with the college on the various areas to be used by each sport, we developed a design solution that would accommodate the proposed functions.
The existing pool was left in place to decrease overall project costs and shorten the project schedule. In order to create a structurally sound floor for the new activities, engineered structural foam with a compacted topping was designed with input from the turf manufacturer. The space lends itself to the new use and it has been a hot spot of sports activity since it opened.

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