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Wayne State College

Memorial Stadium Press Box



July 2018

Wayne, Nebraska



6,542 sq. ft.

During the early Programming of the Press Box, JJA visited the facility on a game day to observe the staff, student and public use of the surrounding site, and existing facilities to better understand the needs. This time was spent watching the interaction of the occupants, seeing how the space was utilized, and talking with many stakeholders that are not on the steering committee to obtain their unique perspective. These conversations were with the campus food service staff, former president Curt Frye and his wife, the visiting radio station broadcasters, students and faculty from the broadcasting departments that were filming, editing, streaming online, and radio broadcasting, a band member filming the half time show, Wayne State College NATS technology staff monitoring all streaming content and troubleshooting, and many others. This offered our Team a unique collection of information to better design the new Press Box to serve the current and future needs of the College and community. The project is currently under construction.

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