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Omaha Fire Department




July 2008

Omaha, Nebraska



14,413 sq. ft.

The original Omaha Fire Division Headquarters building was constructed in 1966. In 1988 our firm designed an administrative addition to the fire department, based on our innovative approach. We suggested adding an addition to the south of the existing administrative space, which allowed for covered parking to be maintained under the building addition and not constructed over either the west or east apparatus bay, as originally desired, thus allowing the engine companies to stay in service during construction. Then again, in 2002, we were hired to design another addition to the building, which was to accommodate more office space and remodel the firefighters living quarters to allow gender equity for the two fire companies housed at the facility. All of the mechanical systems have been preplanned to accept this addition and that work has been completed in the first floor mechanical room. We also completed exterior restoration of this building and the building is to receive new fire sprinkler system and generator room.

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