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Omaha Public Schools

Jefferson Elementary



July 2007

Omaha, Nebraska



62,200 sq. ft.

This project involved the remodeling and expansion of an existing 36,000 sq. ft. school to a 62,200 square foot facility to accommodate required growth, centralized administrative functions, provide a more well defined main entry and improve security and safety issues. The existing main entry was not well defined and blended with the remainder of the building, set back from the parking areas and public walks. The new entry is well defined by its central location, increased visibility and use of energy efficient reflective glass. The existing administration spaces were too small to meet current personal needs, forcing them to be spread out throughout the school. The new central administration area provides visual control of the main entry, administrative collaboration and privacy. The third major issue was to improve safety and correct the existing traffic flow problem. The site has access to a major street along only one property line with a secondary drive through a neighborhood. Through collaboration with the City of Omaha, we were able to separate the service vehicles, buses and student/staff motor vehicles. All of this planning was the result of an extensive programming phase, whereby we met with numerous user groups to establish a written program for approval by the Omaha School Board.

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