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Cornerstone Bank

Stromsburg Branch

New Bank


May 2013

Stromsburg, Nebraska



7,150 sq. ft.

The Cornerstone Bank occupied an existing building on the "Main Square" in Stromsburg, Nebraska. The building had become inadequate, in that, it was not handicapped accessible, did not provide a drive-up for bank customers, and the existing building did not accommodate growth needed by the bank. Therefore, our firm designed a 7,150 square foot new branch bank on Highway 81 in Stromsburg that provided handicapped accessibility and provided drive-up banking with parking on the site. The new building was designed to be highly energy efficient and the building is completely fire sprinkled. A safe deposit box vault was also included to serve customers. The new facility provides for the growth needed and can be expanded as may be necessary for future growth, particularly for insurance agency use. The new building has a partial basement to accommodate mechanical equipment and storage needs. This facility adds a new face to the City of Stromsburg.

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