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Omaha Public Schools

Gifford Park Elementary

New School


June 2019

Omaha, Nebraska



69,055 sq. ft.

The project bid in late October 2017, site demolition and preparation work had been completed and the contractor will break ground on the new building in early spring of 2018 with the new building substantially completed by June 1, 2019. During the Educational Specification sessions, the committee broke into groups of 5-6 people and made lists of community strengths, challenges, opportunities, and goals. We discussed fads, trends and principles of architecture and education, in relation to setting goals of the new elementary school that were grounded in timeless principles. The vision/goals set by the committee were affirmed with the OPS optimal facility guidelines, and shaped the new school building. The school design is rooted in it's community connection and sustainability. The urban site focused on walkability, safety, warm, inviting, flexible indoor and outdoor spaces that are a "Third Space" for students. The environment also aims to engage students and inspire learning through diverse building and landscape materials, daylighting features, transparency and flex spaces.

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