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Wayne State College

Peterson Fine Arts



March 2023

Wayne, Nebraska



98,950 sq. ft.

The existing instrumental and choral rehearsal spaces of the building were insufficient for the number of students in the program, and the spaces were not properly designed for aural safety or proper listening. The project includes two additions - one consisting predominantly of instrumental and choral rehearsal spaces. The other is a main entry addition that will expand the lobby space for gatherings while creating a more prominent entry point.
During programming, the scope of the project was developed based on the prioritized needs of the college for space that will better serve the students, meet the fine arts departmental/programmatic needs, provide high performing acoustical studio and instructional spaces, and be completed with available funds.
The existing building consists of three different construction builds, and the college desired the new addition to blend with the existing building. As part of this project an infrared thermography assessment was completed in order to determine any issues with the existing building envelope. This allowed our team to identify opportunities that would improve the existing building envelope during the renovation.
The project collaboration included college faculty, staff, and members of the community. The community also uses the existing theatre, and part of the project was to renovate the space to provide a more desirable space for community events.

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