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Omaha Public Schools

Standing Bear Elementary

New School



Omaha, Nebraska



82,700 sq. ft.

The Omaha School District wanted to site adapt a design previously used at 4 other locations, modifying the prototype design to be site specific. This school contains 82,700 sq. ft. of space and includes 28 classrooms, a large media center with a multi-media distribution system introducing technology into all of the learning spaces and a full size gymnasium. A large hub kitchen was also included in this facility with the capability of preparing 5,000 meals per day for delivery to surrounding schools. A post occupancy evaluation of the previously designed prototype buildings was conducted at each of the previous 4 sites to gain information before refining the design of this facility. The design allows for flexible use of space and the ability to isolate classroom wings when other school activities are occurring in the center part of the building for security purposes. This design has been effective for the school district in translating their educational requirements into a well organized learning environment by providing individual learning spaces, teacher preparation areas and providing spaces available for community use. Safety of students was a prime concern in the design of this school. A storm shelter was provided at the interior classrooms of each of the 3 classroom wings. Energy efficiency was also a prime consideration in the design of this building. A ground source water heat pump system was designed to provide for a life long economical heating and cooling method for the building.

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