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Butler County Healthcare Center




David City, Nebraska



10,400 sq. ft.

The Board of the Butler County Healthcare Center thought that it was vitally important to bring supporting physicians in close proximity to the hospital. Therefore, a major clinic addition was designed to be constructed to the north side of the existing hospital for a physicians clinic for 4 doctors. The existing drive-through emergency garage was relocated to a new location. To accommodate this change the new concept was developed as directed by the physicians to provide a central corridor for doctors and staff and a perimeter corridor for patients. It was felt that this separation of traffic would be more beneficial and provide the doctors more privacy in dealing with patients. The clinic was designed with a central skylite to allow light to enter the center of the building and the laboratory, which is the core of the building. The exterior coloration of addition reflects the hospital in that the existing hospital has a blend of brick. That brick blend was reorganized to provide the three layer color façade for the new clinic. The building was designed to accept an addition to the north for more doctor’s offices and exam rooms, if the need for more space became evident. A basement was provided for mechanical equipment and to serve as a storm shelter.

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