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Nucor Melt Shop

New Office


February 2013

Norfolk, Nebraska


The new 4800 square foot single story Melt Shop Office building is sited in the middle of the Nucor Bar Mill Group building complex, south of a set of railroad tracks and north of a billet conveyor line. The building is constructed using an insulated concrete form (ICF) wall system for the exterior walls. The ICF system was selected for its high thermal performance and sound isolation properties. A poured concrete storm shelter is located in the center of the facility and functions as a large conference room.

The use of Nucor steel was maximized to the greatest extent possible on this project. The roof trusses are bar joists supported by a steel beam at the mid-span with steel columns at the ends. The roof deck is 1 1/2"steel decking, steel reinforcement, metal wall and roof panels were all supplied by Nucor Companies.

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