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Wayne State College

Bowen Hall

Exterior Upgrades


In 2008 we completed a re-roof project at Bowen Hall, a 12 story residence hall. The roof originally had a fenced in terrace that was accessible to the students. This function was eliminated as the wooden fence had deteriorated and needed to be removed along with the structural supports for mechanical equipment that had previously been removed. A previous re-roof project had roofed up over weep holes at the two elevator towers and the Owner was experiencing water infiltration at the walls around the elevators. During the roof replacement project we coordinated the termination of the new roof system below the weeps. In September of 2009 we worked with Traco Windows and Wayne State College to collect data on the existing building window systems as compared to building utility costs, resulting in a Window Energy Analysis Report. The simulated tests indicated a projected energy cost savings of approximately $15,000.00 to $16,000.00 a year by upgrading the existing single pane window units.


August 2008

Wayne, Nebraska

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