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State of Nebraska

Fort Robinson Museum

ADA Upgrades


JJA recently teamed up with the Nebraska State Historical Society to improve accessibility at the Fort Robinson Museum, located just outside of Crawford, Nebraska. The museum was originally an Army post headquarters that was built in 1873 and played a pivotal role in many battles. In 1956, the Nebraska State Historical Society acquired the building and turned it into a museum to commemorate its history.

The main components of this project included adding a ramp up to the front porch, installing new composite decking on the porches, and upgrading the restroom to be ADA compliant. The foundation of the ramp, although just poured concrete, was designed to mimic the stone foundation of the existing building. We worked with the Owner on the design of the handrail, which replicates an existing handrail at Fort Robinson, but incorporates recessed LED lighting to meet the code requirements while adding a modern touch to it.


June 2018

Crawford, Nebraska

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